Surface finish
We have trusted partners who carry out with us metal surface treatments such as:

  • paint coating
  • electroplating (e-coat) treatment (transport sector)
  • anodizing (increases resistance to wear, corrosion, heat)
  • plating
  • heat treatment
  • application of zinc on the parts, which increases the resistance to moisture
  • epoxy primer enriched with zinc (“epoxy zinc rich primer”)
  • hardening processes

Obviously, the quality of the paint proves decisive, which is why our quality control is extremely important and guarantees irreproachable results.



Processes used for finishing metals

Usinage Laurentides’ finishing processes are able to offer you, among many other things, to increase the resistance of metal parts against wear, corrosion, heat and humidity, which increases the durability of a metal piece. In addition, other methods, such as painting, plating and polishing, involve embellishing the metal surfaces, more precisely, smoothing them and giving them a more refined aesthetic appearance.

At Usinage Laurentides, several transformation processes are used to improve the finishing of metal parts. Whether automated or manual processes, each method used is offered by an experienced team that will meet your specific needs.