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Custom parts | Complex

Mass production

Benefit from the efficiency of work methods developed by solving the industrial challenges of our customers for more than 30 years.

  • Medium/large series
  • Finished metal products
  • Parts intended for assembly
  • Complex/unconventional parts

Turnkey metal parts manufacturing service

Parts prototyping

Before going into mass production, a prototype of the part is usually created. This allows the design to be tested and validated, potential problems to be identified and adjustments to be made if necessary. Some machine shops offer this service.


At Usinage Laurentides, we are committed to providing you with a reliable and efficient supply to meet your metal parts needs. With Usinage Laurentides, you benefit from a reliable supply, optimized inventory management and effective coordination with our partners.


Our production department at Usinage Laurentides is supported by our two processing and manufacturing plants, which are specially designed to meet your needs efficiently and reliably. With a total of 30,000 square feet of production space , we have the capacity to meet the most demanding demands. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and technical resources, we are able to maintain production capacities day and night. We have the capacity to meet your tight deadlines and your urgent needs. Whether you have short-term projects or large-scale productions, our team is ready to meet any challenge.


Using our expertise and advanced technologies, we are able to analyze your current manufacturing process and identify areas that can be improved. Whether by automating certain tasks, optimizing production flows or using more efficient materials, we will offer you tailor-made solutions to optimize your operations.

Control the quality of the manufactured parts

Materials inspection

Before the start of manufacturing, the metallic materials (metal, stainless steel, etc.) used are checked to ensure that they comply with the required standards and specifications. This may include resistance testing, chemical analysis or other appropriate evaluation methods.

Process control

Throughout the manufacturing process, checks are carried out to ensure that the various stages are carried out correctly. This may involve dimensional checks, weld tests, precision measurements, etc.

Checking dimensions and tolerance

Custom metal parts must match the dimensions and tolerances specified by the customer. Precise measuring tools are used to check if the dimensions are correct and if the tolerances are respected.

Performance testing

Depending on the application of the part, performance tests can be performed to assess its strength, durability, functionality, etc. These tests may include mechanical strength tests, fatigue tests, pressure tests, etc.

Documentation and traceability

Rigorous monitoring of quality control processes is carried out by the machine shop, all stages and results are documented. This guarantees the traceability of the parts and provides precise information in case of later need.

Manufacture of complex metal parts

Your manufacturing partner of excellence in the manufacture of metal parts

Experts en transformation

Manufacturing processes for metal parts