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Mechanical welding and mechanically welded structure

Welded assembly mechanically processes

Embarking on the captivating journey of mechanically welded assembly processes unveils a realm where innovation meets precision. At the heart of this technological marvel is gas tungsten arc welding (TIG welding), a welding process, that intricately weaves together the artistry of welds and assembly with the science of a non-consumable tungsten electrode. Picture a dance of controlled heat and versatility across materials, a symphony of perfection.

Now, amplify this precision with the rhythmic cadence of robotic welding. The marriage of TIG welding and robotic prowess transcends industries, reshaping the landscape of manufacturing. From the sleek contours of automotive masterpieces to the structural grace of aerospace wonders, these processes signify not just welds but a seamless fusion of art and engineering. In the world of mechanically welded assemblies, each spark signifies a step forward into a future where precision and innovation are the guiding stars across diverse industrial horizons.

Manufacturing of parts, complex products and mechanically welded assemblies

Explore precision weld bead quality and expertise at Mechanical Welding by Usinage Laurentides. With our skilled welders and advanced robotic welding systems, we create strong weld bead area using TIG welding. Our commitment to excellence ensures quality under any pressure. At our workshop, we don't just clean welds; we shape industries with precision weld beads and expertise.

Weld assembly for industries with manufacturials needs

The Advantages of Mechanical Welding

Mechanical and welding process, a process synonymous with precision weld quality and efficiency, brings a multitude of advantages to various industries. Here are key points highlighting the benefits of embracing mechanical and welding process.

Mechanical welding by Usinage Laurentides

Your manufacturing partner of excellence

Frequently asked questions about mechanically welded assembly

Mechanically welded assembly

Why subcontract the mechanically welded assembly to Usinage Laurentides?

  • Benefit from our know-how in assembling complex metal parts.
  • Modern machinery for precision assemblies, even in medium or large series.
  • Turnkey service, from design to final assembly.
  • 360 transformation approach for innovation, plan improvement and cost reduction.

What equipment do you use to join metal?

We use cutting-edge machinery to meet your mechanical welding assembly needs.

  • The 7-axis welding robot OTC FD Series and Techno Control
  • Spot welding

What materials do you assemble?

We have the expertise to assemble a variety of materials including steel. We are able to work with different types of materials, giving you flexibility in your projects.

  • Prepainted steel
  • Textured stucco steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum

How to find the right supplier to assemble mechanically welded products?

  • Get ahead : Don’t wait until you have an urgent need to find a supplier
  • Prepare yourself : Have drawings, forecasts, evaluation form on hand
  • Communicate transparently : Share your issues and expectations.
  • Exchange frequently and keep in touch : The situation of one or other of the parties may have changed, production capacities may no longer be the same, your volumes may have changed.
  • Evaluate costs : Compare overall costs to unit costs
  • Be precise : Specify potential volumes and supply rate
  • Protect yourself : Complete a confidentiality agreement and sign a manufacturing agreement

What mechanically welded products can you assemble?

  • Complex parts intended for assembly.
  • Unconventional metal parts.
  • Finished metal products according to specific needs.

What is welded assembly?

Welded assembly is a manufacturing process that involves assembling metal parts using both welding and mechanical welding techniques. This makes it possible to create strong and durable metal structures that are very popular in the industrial sector.

What are the advantages of mechanically welded assembly?

  • Consistent quality thanks to a reproducible manufacturing process.
  • Accurate and reliable results thanks to process repeatability.
  • High productivity guaranteeing a large number of parts within tight deadlines.
  • Reduction of rejects by minimizing the risks of failure or non-compliance of assemblies.

What is the production capacity of Usinage Laurentides?

Usinage Laurentides has two factories totaling 40,000 square feet. This allows us to guarantee continuous production, day and night, meeting your needs for tight deadlines and large quantities.

What are the assembly methods for mechanically welded products?

We use different joining methods including TIG welding, MIG welding and MAG welding. These techniques allow us to assemble different types of metal materials with precision and reliability.

What is the average defect rate in the welded assembly?

Our average defect rate in the welded assembly is less than 1%. We are fast and committed to quality and we use an integrated production system to minimize errors and defects.

Do you have historical data on failure rates?

Yes, we have historical data on our failure rates during welded assembly. Thanks to our integrated production system and connected machines, we are able to track and analyze this data. We also use an ERP system and a quality manual to ensure the traceability and conformity of each product. Additionally, each product is inspected according to customer specifications to ensure quality.

How do you ensure product quality during welded assembly?

We implement several measures to ensure the quality of our products during mechanically welded assembly.

  • Validation of technical drawings before production.
  • Visual inspection at critical points.
  • Register of irregularities and non-compliance reports (RNC) if necessary.
  • Continuous commitment to quality and process improvement.

Experts in mechanically welded structure

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