Sheet metal machining

Machining involves giving a piece of steel, aluminum or plastic a shape with precise dimensions, according to specifications. The processes and techniques offered at Usinage Laurentides are made possible by CNC-controlled mechanical equipment with power and precision. The machining department within the company offers a variety of processes tailored to the machining needs.

Digital control

We have a CNC machining center with a 51.2 ” x 23.6 ” (1300mm x 600mm) table with a 47.2 ” (1200mm) X Travel, a 24.0 ” (610mm) Y Travel and a Z Travel 24.0 ” (610mm). This equipment allows for increased precision and maximum power in its machining processes.

Machine tools

Digital control machine tools are indispensable at Usinage Laurentides Inc. Whether it is for milling and / or metal turning, we offer you value-added solutions with powerful possibilities for machining your parts!

Note that our three-axis Mitsubishi CNC Manford CNC is capable of delivering up to 1000 kgs (2,205 lbs) of capacity.

This machine tool is built to perfectly and precisely meet the demands and perform the required machining.